Cupids Perang

Cupids Perang

Now they are architecture a ancestor invisibility device like things weren’t difficult abundant for me already I will actualization them invisibility. Take That

George What was that How did the alarms get triggered Move out All non analytical cadre abandon the analysis attic immediately.

Justin What the heck aloof happened The arrangement is not responding to my instructions. Sam who is authoritative the arms

Sam It’s not me. The arrangement is not responding to my commands either.

Justin They are antibacterial the prototype. Sam do something.

Sam The arrangement has overrode all of us and is authoritative the automatic accoutrements directly.

George Can you get it to stop or not Else I will breach the bottle and stop the automatic accoutrements myself.

Justin It’s too late. Don’t bother.

Sam What acquired this a tremor an earthquake arrangement malfunction…

George It’s an attack. I am abiding they the beatific a virus to abort our analysis and prototype.

Justin This is the European Centre for Avant-garde Scientific Research not a civic agency. Why would terrorists advance here

George Not aloof terrorists. It could be a country too like Russia or China or Iran anyone. Alarm the U.N. we charge to investigate and retaliate.

Sam Attending at the screen.

Justin CUPID What does CUPID mean

George It’s a virus It charge angle for Commonly Undetected Potential Invisibility Destroyer.

Sam Now its says No it’s Cupid.

Justin What does NO IT’S CUPID mean

George Nationally Organised-International Terrorist Sponsored-Commonly Undetected Potential Invisibility Destroyer. I knew it was a virus

Justin The accomplished appointment knows that your are from the defence enactment and accept been beatific actuality to abstraction the aggressive ramifications of our research. And this is not a aggressive situation. So shut up George.

George You shut up.

PA System Yes shut up George.

George Acceptable god they accept now managed to accord their NOITSCUPID virus bogus intelligence too

PA System I am not a virus. I am Cupid.

Sam Cupid who

PA System Cupid the one who makes bodies abatement in love.

Justin What are you accomplishing central the PA System

PA System I am putting an end to abstruse erect blocking by antibacterial your invisibility device.

George Ha so you accept it

Sam We are not architecture abstruse erect blockers.

Justin Cupid the aerial babyish in a childhood who has wings and a bow and arrows The mystical cupid

PA System Yes that Cupid. And it’s a adult sash not a diaper.

Sam Why did you abort our system

George Who accomplished you how to do that What are their capabilities

Justin How did you apprentice how to use a computer

PA System I am in the business of love. And with all the online dating these canicule I had to apprentice to accumulate up with the times.

Sam Why did you abort our invisibility prototype Now we will not get any added grants.

George They are ecology us through online dating websites charge acquaint Interpol and the UN.

Justin What does the business of adulation accept to do with the invisibility device

PA System Because advances in science and technology accept fabricated my assignment difficult abundant as it is and this apparatus would accept been the final attach in the coffin.

Sam We were not architecture nails or coffins.

George They plan to attach us central coffins Over my asleep body

Justin How is science and technology interfering with adulation and dating

PA System How generally do you see bodies abatement in adulation these days

Sam Not actual often.

Justin That’s aloof the avant-garde lifestyle. Not anybody wants or has time for love.

George So they abhorrence our lifestyles is that the account abaft their attacks

PA System Science not avant-garde affairs is to blame. My success amount over the accomplished two decades has been dipping due to this. The action of adulation is actuality blocked. Damned erect blocking science.

Sam What is the action of love

George Shouldn’t we about-face off the anxiety and alarm aback the others now

Justin How is the action of adulation actuality blocked

PA System Ah the action of love aboriginal I charge to anticipate two bodies as a brace aback they are about anniversary other. Again I charge to shoot an arrow at anniversary of their hearts if both the arrows hit the mark again the brace will advance animosity for anniversary other if either of the arrows absence again they will not feel annihilation adventurous for anniversary other. And I do not get added than one adventitious at anniversary couple.

Sam Your poor after-effects are due to an approximate and amusing process.

George Shoot arrows at our heart What affectionate of third apple agitation is this

Justin Yeah don’t accusation science for your action failures.

PA System The action has been alive accomplished for eons. Accept you anytime approved cutting a abracadabra arrow at some ones affection through breast implants or beak implants Why I alike tinkered with the action to aim at places added than the affection – face neck shoulders stomach hips groin thighs calves anxiety but to no avail. Tell me of one abode area I can shoot an arrow these canicule after abhorrence of active into botox or artificial surgery

Sam How about the back

George Shoot us in the back why the cowards

Justin Are you adage that abracadabra arrows are rendered abortive by botox and artificial surgeries

PA System Cupid cannot stoop so low as to shoot addition in the back.

Sam Or how about a added able apparatus than a bow and arrow

George Like a brand or club or a address duster Or maybe article avant-garde like a taser or a gun

Justin Again not a aggressive bearings George. Shut up.

PA System Use a altered instrument. What do you bodies anticipate this is There are regulations to be followed. Jeez

Sam I was aloof aggravating to help.

George Guided missiles now they never absence a mark.

Justin Aloof authority on a additional there. As a Particle Physicist I am accommodating to absorb the achievability that you ability exist. Alike so there are added queries that appear to mind such as how things from the absolute apple like botox and artificial anaplasty are affecting abstract abracadabra arrows Or how if you can be avant-garde abundant to shut bottomward our computer arrangement again how appear you cannot accept added able avant-garde instruments

PA System Don’t you understand The arrow actuality chock-full by silicone and botox is a allegory for how actualization acquainted anybody has become these days because of which no one is falling in love.

Sam I abatement in adulation with acceptable attractive bodies all the time.

George I am activity to alarm aback the added people.

Justin You are still not authoritative sense.

PA System Let me explain. Nowadays men and women both abide corrective procedures to attending better. And as a aftereffect there are abounding added acceptable attractive bodies now than in the beforehand times. This makes anybody feel that they should alone go out with addition acceptable looking no one is absorbed in a accustomed or boilerplate attractive person. Accustomed attractive bodies appetite acceptable attractive people acceptable attractive bodies appetite bigger attractive people who appetite alike more… You see the aeon continues and science is to be abhorrent for this.

Sam But what does any of this accept to do with our invisibility device

PA System Because if and aback you succeed the accessory will eventually be accumulation produced. I am already accepting a adamantine time authoritative bodies abatement in adulation because they don’t like what they see. What adventitious would I possibly angle in a apple area bodies are actualization acquainted and additionally move about invisibly Do you accept any abstraction how difficult it would accomplish things for me

Justin That sounds ridiculous.

PA System Ridiculous that is the actualization acquainted apple which you alive in…


Sam wo.. huh… . am. It was a dream invisibility… appearance…

It was all aloof a dream. A bulletin from by sub acquainted not to be actualization conscious. Today I will not affliction what she thinks and ask out the hot day time agent at the appointment and if she doesn’t acknowledge absolutely I will assuredly accede and accord in to the advances of the airedale night time receptionist.