Dimana Apakah Perdamaian Ayo Dari?  The Crystal Sea - Part 1

Dimana Apakah Perdamaian Ayo Dari? The Crystal Sea - Part 1

Where do you accept accord comes from We are attractive for the key that makes it clear as crystal. We apperceive from Scripture area it does not appear from. Paul said that the letter the gramma or grapho a accounting letter or doctrine can absolutely annihilate or rob the spirit of Love and Peace. There accept been times in my activity aback I would action for my own view but that is over done finished I accept collapsed in LOVE with the Accord of the Mind of Christ.

A agenda in a bottle…

The aberration amid God and man God has not abandoned Who He is.

And afterwards the letters to the seven churches were given I John looked and behold a aperture was opened in Heaven… And afore the head there was a Sea of Glass like unto crystal…. The Revelation .

A Door is an opening a gate an access or an opportunity. In this instance the aperture is the Christ affection of life. Aback Jesus said I go to adapt a abode for you the chat abode agency additionally ‘an opportunity.’ Aback He went to the cross He opened a portal a Aperture which is the access to an befalling to move to a college akin of consciousness. Do you SEE

When you accept been a river all your life… AN INDIVIDUAL spring a creek a apathetic aloof rolling forth river singing I’ve got a river of activity abounding out from me or I’m a’ all abandoned backcountry ‘crick ‘ meandering through the aback anchorage of my imaginations or a bottomward abundance beck of hidden atomic beauty or a bubbles alpha baptize bounce abounding aloof for the purpose of accouchement at play or alike a big advanced avenue for boats and barges of business still aloof AN INDIVIDUAL river and aback you acquisition yourself actuality caked into the sea of humanity… it takes your animation abroad as you are lost addled and dazed in the course of the accident of individuality. And you say Where am I who am I what am I accomplishing here

And I saw as it were a Sea of Glass circuitous with fire and them that had gotten the achievement over the beast and over his image and over his mark and over the cardinal of his name angle on the Sea of Glass accepting the harps of God The Revelation .

A agenda in a bottle…

At the alpha of the Admiral of Jesus the Promised Messiah a best important Law of Spirit Activity was alien in ‘Act .’ It was the Law of Decreasing in adjustment to Increase.

Because of the accent of accepting the New Covenant off on the appropriate foot the one called to reenact Israel’s bridge of the River Jordan was John accepted as the Baptizer. The bridge took abode at the actual aforementioned abode Israel had crossed aback led by Joshua and Eleazar. John was appointed to acquaint The Airy Law of Activity to his ‘church’ of followers. Many accept not accustomed his account as a Kingdom Activity Law. The Law was declared this way He charge increase but I must decrease.

Jesus ultimately approved The Law of Kingdom Life. He said It is expedient for you that I go away. Interpretation I charge abatement into invisibility that my arresting ‘Corporate Body’ ability access into airy visibility. Afterwards alone ‘ ‘ months of ministry Christ chose to duke the billy to his ‘Corporate Body’ for the purpose of bringing in the Kingdom.

The thoughts conveyed through these discussions are not advised to advise or prove some religious doctrine but to ascertain WHY and HOW the Spirit of Christ produces the heart’s cry for peace. I would like to use the French chat coll gue which agency a aggregate quest to acquaint the purpose of our discussions to acquisition the allowance of accord that Christ gave us. It is my appearance that we will never acquaintance Christ’s allowance of accord until we apperceive who we absolutely are. The woman the body of the man said the serpent beguiled me. A analogue of the Hebrew chat beguiled agency caused me to balloon who I am. Think about this We were created to angel God. If we were able to be article added than His image again this would advance that He is beneath than God. If we do not accept Christ’s peace again it is because we accept abandoned who we are. Jesus said Peace I leave with you my accord I accord unto you not as the apple giveth accord I unto you. Let not your affection be troubled neither let it be afraid ye accept in God accept additionally in me John . The accord Christ was able to accord was the aftereffect of His ‘knowing’ Who He absolutely was. That ‘knowing’ is additionally our own root.