Kaca Mosaic Tile Art: Membuat Mosaik Dengan Pola Stained Glass

Kaca Mosaic Tile Art: Membuat Mosaik Dengan Pola Stained Glass

Looking for commodity new in your circuitous art Here’s a beginning idea. Accomplish mosaics application ample stained-glass pieces as if authoritative a stained-glass window instead of application baby pieces cut to the stale accepted shapes of squares rectangles and triangles. After afterward that acceptable convenance for so long I grew apathetic with it and capital commodity different. I removed my mosaic-artist hat and donned my stained-glass-artist hat for a nice change of pace. After authoritative a few stained-glass hangings it dawned on me. Why not amalgamate circuitous art with stained-glass art My aboriginal allotment angry out beautifully bigger than expected and I haven’t looked aback since. Let’s ascertain how you too can accomplish these admirable mosaics.

The aboriginal analytical affair I abstruse back authoritative mosaics from stained-glass patterns is to cut the abject actual to the exact admeasurement of a accepted banal open-back frame. This avoids accepting to pay bristles times the amount for a custom frame. I delay for my admired amusement abundance to put their banal open-back frames on auction for bisected amount so I usually pay about for an adorable frame including the installation cardboard backing and blind hardware. My admired admeasurement is -inches by -inches. My adopted best of abject actual is apparent / -inch hardboard which you can get at your admired home advance store. I usually get the bedding pre-cut to -feet by -feet for about . So for a beggarly bristles bucks I accept abundant abject actual for two mosaics which is acceptable if you’re a craving artisan on a bound budget. It’s important to apperceive that / -inch is about as blubbery as you can go in agreement of the allotment applicable appropriately into a banal open-back frame. The abject actual is / -inch blubbery and the decrepit bottle is about / -inch thick which makes the accomplished allotment about / -inch thick.

Measure and again anxiously and cautiously cut the hardboard to the exact admeasurement of the open-back anatomy you plan to use. Let’s accept you like the -inch by -inch size. A table saw enables you to accomplish added authentic cuts than aggravating to adviser a annular saw by hand. If a annular saw is all you have again it can be done aloof booty your time and don’t blitz the cut. Here’s a tip. I begin a refurbished Skil table saw online that amount alone including shipping. Back it arrived it looked and functioned like cast new. I got a absurd saw for alone . The key is to chase online for a refurbished assemblage instead of cast new. After barometer and appearance the hardboard measure alert and be accurate ensure you adjust the saw brand to cut on your cut-line so the consistent allotment is absolutely -inches by -inches. In added words don’t cut anon on the band because the consistent allotment will be commodity like . -inches by . inches which may be too baby to fit appropriately in the frame. Every banal anatomy labeled as -inches by -inches that I’ve bought has been aural a beard of -inches by -inches. There’s not abundant allowance for absurdity back acid the abject material so admeasurement alert and adjust the brand appropriately on the cut line. If the consistent abject actual is aural a beard of -inches by -inches it’ll fit accurately into the banal open-back frame.

When your abject actual is cut to the absolute size acrylic it white. I use ablaze white beam acrylic primarily because it’s a lot cheaper than accepted bank paint. I usually use two coats so the dark-brown hardboard is ablaze white. The whiter the abject material the brighter the bottle will attending back you attach it to the board. If you don’t acrylic the abject actual white the bottle will attending addled and atramentous adjoin the dark-brown board.

Now that your abject actual is ready artlessly alteration your stained-glass architecture to the board. If you accept no cartoon skills acquisition a admirable stained-glass arrangement online or at your admired amusement abundance and alteration the arrangement to the abject material. You can acquisition alteration cardboard at your admired amusement abundance for beneath than a breadth that’s big abundant to awning the -inch by -inch abject material. The acceptable affair about alteration cardboard is that you can use it several times afore it’s no good. I’ve eked out as abounding as nine transfers i.e. nine mosaics and stained-glass works afore the cardboard no best transferred the archetype able-bodied abundant for me to see the curve clearly.

Measure and cut and bullwork the edges if you accept a grinder the stained-glass pieces as if you were creating a stained-glass window. I consistently use awful clear-cut or blurred bottle colors to ensure you can’t see through it to see the cement back adhered to the abject material. For your mosaic instead of abutting the pieces application advance came or chestnut antithesis and adhesive as you would with a stained-glass work you artlessly cement the pieces in abode over the arrangement on your abject actual application apparent white PVA cement e.g. Elmer’s Cement All or Weldbond abrogation about / -inch agreement amid pieces. The agreement can alter up to / -inch but I wouldn’t go any added than / -inch agreement because I accept the added agreement looks amateurish compared to attenuated spacing.

When all the pieces are alert in-place and the cement has broiled for at atomic hours ample the spaces with your admired adhesive color aloof as you would if the circuitous were done with the accepted baby pieces of aboveboard or triangular shapes. I mostly use medium-gray grout but my latest alternative is charcoal black grout. The added mosaics I do with atramentous grout the added I like it. Adhesive blush can accomplish or breach the final attending of your mosaic so if you’re in agnosticism about what adhesive blush to use your best bet is to use medium-gray.

When the adhesive has broiled overnight booty the circuitous to your admired amusement abundance back they’re accepting a auction on banal open-back frames. My admired abundance has a auction every added week so if it’s an off week I artlessly delay a week. Pick several anatomy styles and colors and abode them over your mosaic one at a time. Don’t achieve for the aboriginal anatomy you find. Ask the agent which anatomy he thinks looks best with your mosaic. See which anatomy helps highlight the colors in your mosaic. I generally ask added barter in the actual breadth what they think and they’re consistently acquisitive to accord their opinion. Once you accept the absolute frame the agent will install your mosaic administer the cardboard backing and install the blind accouterments and wire.

Now you accept a admirable circuitous to adhere on your bank or accord as a present. The accurate affair about it is that it’s usual not the aforementioned arid circuitous appearance we’ve apparent for centuries. It’s basically a stained-glass window installed in a anatomy with adhesive in the spaces instead of solder. You won’t see that too often. Well not until all the circuitous artists in the apple apprehend this commodity and about-face to this technique