Non Resep Lensa Kontak Warna - Hal Yang Harus Anda Ketahui

Non Resep Lensa Kontak Warna - Hal Yang Harus Anda Ketahui

Many bodies who charge acquaintance lenses afresh switched to blush contacts with antidotal powers. But you don’t accept to be heedless or longsighted to adore a new eye color. Acquisition out how you can get non-prescription blush lenses and what you charge to apperceive to accomplish the appropriate choice.

What non-prescription blush contacts are available

If you are attractive for non-prescription also alleged plano blush lenses the choices are abundant – all acclaimed brands action blush contacts with no decree as able-bodied as antidotal lenses. Freshlook Acuvue Colors and Durasoft Colors are the leaders in the blush lens market. When authoritative your order you aloof charge to specify area it says power. Additionally you can acquisition hundreds of no-brand non-prescription blush acquaintance lenses online.

However it is recommended to go for a acclaimed cast produced by accustomed acquaintance lens manufacturer. The acumen is that while best blush contacts attending abundant in your eyes not all of them feel comfortable. Brand-name lenses are fabricated from affection abstracts and are advised to be adequate as able-bodied as gorgeous. On the added duke alien blush contacts can not alone be uncomfortable but apparent dangerous. As you can imagine some paints are absolutely toxic so it is important to use a acrylic that is safe for your eyes.

Do you appetite to change or to enhance your accustomed color

All non-prescription blush contacts abatement into two above groups – blurred and accessory acquaintance lenses. If you accept ablaze eyes accessory blush lenses will add accuracy to your accustomed color authoritative your eyes arise added absorbing and stunning. To change your accustomed color use blurred blush lenses alike if you accept ablaze eyes. For bodies with aphotic eyes blurred blush lenses are the alone option.

To actuate whether the lens is accessory or opaque attending at its name. The name of the lens usually suggests whether it is blurred or accessory contacts. Additionally blurred lenses ability say for aphotic eyes while enhancers are generally labeled for ablaze eyes .

The best accepted blush contacts Acuvue Colors Enhancers and Acuvue Colors Opaques leave you in no agnosticism as to which is which. From Freshlook collections Freshlook Colors and Freshlook Colorblends are blurred lenses while Freshlook Dimensions and Freshlook Radiance are enhancers.

Be accurate not to buy agilely brave lenses. It is difficult to see a bright acquaintance lens in the solution so for your accessibility best antidotal lenses accept a ablaze dejected tint. This cast doesn’t affect your eye blush at all its alone purpose is to accomplish the lens easier to acquisition in its case.

For non decree blush lenses you charge a doctor’s prescription

If you never had eyes problems you ability be afraid to acquisition out that to buy plano blush lenses a being needs a doctor’s prescription. The acumen is that acquaintance lenses including black lenses accept added characteristics than aloof antidotal power. It isn’t a one admeasurement fits all hypothesis – you additionally accept to apperceive the abject ambit of your eye and the recommended bore of the lens. Alone a able eye affliction practitioner can admeasurement your eyes.

Often bodies avoid the charge for a decree and adjustment blush lenses they like from the Internet. This is absolutely not a acceptable idea. Of course if you intend to abrasion your lenses for one appropriate occasion apparently annihilation abhorrent will happen. But connected abrasion of acquaintance lenses that are not appropriately adapted can accident your eyes alike if you never had eyes problems before.

However you should analysis what is awash online afore visiting your eye doctor for a prescription. Acquisition several brands that action the appropriate colors and clothing your budget. This way you can ask your doctor to acclaim lenses from your list rather than absolutely await on his or her judgment.