Tanaman Taman Herb - Pengeringan Dan Musim Dingin, Tungau

Tanaman Taman Herb - Pengeringan Dan Musim Dingin, Tungau


What you need

  • Twine
  • Pruning shears
  • Opaque bottle or bowl jar

The best time to autumn herbs is in the morning. Sunlight and calefaction adulterate the herb’s capital oils so abstain agriculture at midday. Select alone advantageous absolute shoots for harvesting.

Find a warm dry abode to adhere the herbs. Tie the stalks calm and adhere the bundles upside bottomward to dry.

After the herbs are abundantly dry band the foliage from the stalks.

Exposure to ablaze degrades the acidity and balm of herbs so it’s best abundance the broiled herbs in blurred bowl containers or aphotic bottle jars.

Overwintering Breakable Herbs

What you need

  • Shovel
  • Hand pruners
  • Pot and saucer
  • Potting soil

When you apprehend a astringent frost admonishing on the news is it time to say good-bye to your auto grass auto verbena basil or added breakable assemble garden plants Not if you overwinter them in pots indoors. Start by acid aback the foliage as all-important to fit on a windowsill. Check anxiously for insects. No amount how abundant you appetite to accumulate the plant you don’t appetite to acquaint pests into your house.

Next anxiously dig up the assemble and agitate off the balance soil. If the roots are too all-encompassing to fit into the pot you’ve selected clip them as needed. Your assemble garden plants may now attending like a adumbration of its above self but it should balance quickly.

Moisten the potting mix and put a band in the basal of the pot. Set the assemble garden plants in the pot and ample in with added potting mix. You appetite the crown the point area roots and stems meet to be akin with the apparent of the mix. Water thoroughly.

Place in a brilliant window and amusement as a houseplant. It may aftermath long angular growth but it will survive the aphotic canicule of winter. After the crisis of frost passes clip the assemble garden plants adamantine and set it outdoors acclimating it boring to wind and sun. In about a week replant it in the garden. In a ages or so the herbs will be their admirable selves again.