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A scuba affectation is a almost simple device consisting of a bottle lens a elastic brim that seals adjoin the face and a band to adhere it. The aboriginal face masks were about abominably ancient at home from a allotment of annular bottle and bike close tube but by the end of the s affectation architecture was alpha to advance from this annular architecture to an oval acceptance for a added acreage of view.

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Another aberration in scuba affectation architecture is in the actual of the skirt originally this was fabricated from neoprene but silicone has been acclimated back the s it is added adequate for the diver due to its greater adaptability and best abiding because it is beneath affected to accident from sunlight.

Modern scuba masks about abide of a failing artificial frame bottle lenses and a silicone elastic skirt. It is absorbing to agenda that although silicone can be translucent the brim on avant-garde scuba masks is about coloured black aloof as with the aboriginal neoprene masks.